CCTV Goa: Beginners guide to adding a Surveillance Systems to your home

CCTV cameras in Goa are gaining popularity as homeowners have come to realize how safe and secure it can make your home.  This installation works great for any homeowner looking to protect and secure their home, property and family.  The equipment/hardware is no longer expensive like in the past making it a very affordable  security solution. The security systems are highly versatile and therefore can adapt to challenging environments and deliver results. We offer a complete range of CCTV installations for all types of residential and commercial establishments.

Before you make a purchase decide on whether an indoor or outdoor system is needed. Placing of a security cameras at vital points is a primary concern while installing a home surveillance system for your home in Goa, the most vital aspects being access to WIFI and the access to uninterrupted power supply.  Although you need not require to be technically savvy which purchasing the equipment or known understanding its specifications in detail, it is important that the fair amount of research is carried out before making a purchase.  The types of cameras available are dome cameras, bullet cameras, box cameras and spy/hidden cameras. Being dealers of security systems we have all types of models types in stock.

Surveillance are also available in wired and wireless forms, each with its own pros and cons. The biggest advantage of a wireless installation is that it can be installed discretely and are flexible in terms of freedom of placements. The biggest drawback of these models are the interruptions from the supply of the internet feed which would mean loss of signal therefore limiting capture during any interrupted period.  Wireless devices are less discrete and are usually fixed installations. Wired models offer better capture of picture quality in comparison to its wireless counterpart.  Wires can be concealed if you are planning a new construction. Most clients in Goa, prefer a remote viewing and monitoring on their smartphones.

CCTV cameras are available to capture in color as well as black and white. For home surveillance we recommend black and white. Commercial establishments often opt for color feed’s.  Before making a purchase request a demo to get an idea of the depth of the black and white capture. The capture should not be grainy or blurry.  For the outdoor environment night vision capabilities is vital. We strongly recommend the used of infrared LED’s  which enable footage capture in pitch darkness.

Check for the resolution of the cameras which is defined by a TVL count. For a home surveillance system an average TVL should be in the range of 350-400. High resolution models are also available in a TVL of 480-800. For storage of footage a 750 GB to a 1 TB hard-drive is recommended which would capture footage for as long as 45-60 days.


The 5 locations in your home that you must have home security cameras

Determining the right placement points for home surveillance cameras in venerable areas of your home is essential in providing the right security for your assets and loved ones. Assessing the venerable points in and around the property is vital to determine what spots are appealing to burglars.  Each house in unique in its own right but there are always points or locations that could be appealing to burglars. On identifying these areas you would have to decide whether the cameras would be visible, which serves as a deterrent or completely out of sight which would act as  a camouflage.

In Goa it is estimated that at least 34% of robberies or break-ins take place by entering through the front door.  While placing a unit here it is important to ensure that the device cannot be reached or knocked down.  An ideal point would be at the higher level and panned to the floor below. If placing it at a high floor is not an option consider casing the camera in a wired mesh or box to protect it from an attack.

Back door and verandas are another point of access for most burglars. About 22% burglaries in Goa take place through access from the backdoors and verandas.  If placing a camera at all verandas isn’t feasible, look at the surroundings to determine which of all the verandas offer easy access though surrounding buildings, trees, poles and other structures.

Windows that are not facing the main street or towards the side of the house where lighting is poor during  the night is a venerable point for a burglar to gain access.  Placing a unit here will help in  reducing the chances for working in the dark knowing that there is a surveillance system watching the area,

If the surrounding areas of your property has valuable items that you need to protect, we would recommend  motion-sensored floodlights along with a motion sensored CCTV unit. Ideally the cameras in these areas should be made visible inorder to deter burglaries.

Terraces and staircases are also venerable points where burglars can crawl through and gain access. If your terraces are easily accessible via the nearby buildings, poles or trees we would recommend placing a unit here as well.

 IP CCTV Camera Training: IP Camera System Buyer’s Guide

While buying a CCTV camera security system, what do you think is the most important decision that needs to be made first? Should  you looking at CCTV cameras or the video management software or the network? If you look at most of the design and buying guides that are available on vendor sites   on the internet, most would agree that the first thing you should be looking are the types of devices that are available on the market. However, there is a much more critical decision that needs to be made before you look at any hardware or any software which is the platform you will build your system on. Will you go with a centralized or a decentralized platform. These are the two types of system platforms you can choose from, based on your choice of platform, a number other aspects of the home surveillance system will be determined such as the cost, the scalability and also the redundancy of the system.

This guide will help you better understand the comparison between the two system platforms so that you can make an informed decision before making a purchase. For a centralized video surveillance system you would needs items such as PC/server along with a VMS recording software in addition to the security system, lenses and the network which is required only for a decentralized system.  Most customers don’t realize that there are two system platforms available for home surveillance and this would determine how much you would have to pay up-front for the system and over the life of the system.  So what is the difference between the two systems?

A decentralized system comprises of IP CCTV cameras that has the following functions;

  • Video management software is installed in the camera
  • In camera DVR storage
  • VOIP phone functionality so the camera can send and receive phone calls to any kind of phone whether it is a landline or mobile
  • Weather proof out of the box therefore outdoor housing is not required

With a centralized system the IP CCTV system performs basic functions such as the video encoding plus basic event triggering. All the video processing, alarm and storage management is handled by a central PC with a licensed video management software installed in it. The hardware and software combine to form a Network Video Recorder (NVR).

With the decentralized system the system itself is endowed with the NVR functionality, so the cameras perform the analytic and event triggering plus the video processing, alarm and storage management.  Because all the intelligence is in the camera,  a central NVR is not required which means you would not have to pay for licensed video management software. The video management software in the camera performs all the necessary functions. A key advantage to this is that the cameras can record usable video directly to any storage type such as micro SD in the camera, external Hard Disk Drive or Network Attached storage. Recording usable video means, videos can be viewed locally or remotely, directly from the storage device itself. Using a free of charge client, users can directly access the stored video and perform time, date and event searching completely bypassing the need for a central NVR. The de-centralized system frees you up from the costly video management licensing costs and server hardware as all you need is storage capabilities.

With the centralized system on the other hand  everything has to go through the NVR first.  Users cannot perform time, date and event search on the stored video. The lack of functionality in the camera means that all data has to pass through the NVR first. When it comes to recording to the attached storage devices for the purposes of archiving can only occur once the NVR has finished all the data processing after which users can perform search functions.

In a centralized system  the NVR handles all the event triggers, storage administration and video processing  and there is information constantly being sent and received over the network between cameras and the NVR. If the NVR goes down for any reason the entire CCTV surveillance systems stops working.  With the decentralized system there are no video management software licensing costs as this is already installed  in the devices. Like individual DVR’s on the network each device operates independently so there is no central point of failure. Each unit records and stores to its individual storage device at the camera itself be it an internal SD card or external hard disk drives.  If one of the unit looses connectivity or there is a storage device failure  the device will continue to buffer the video internally until re-connection is made.

Top 5 of the best Outdoor CCTV cameras in Goa reviewed

Outdoor cameras have been known to be a economical and reliable way to protect homes and loved one round the clock. Being dealers for CCTV dealers we provide numerous options  for outdoor home surveillance units to our clients. Before making a purchase first consider what your needs for the device are. The primary feature of an outdoor models is that the device can operate in all weather conditions. Besides this the devices other essential features  you must be aware of before making a purchase are;

Area of coverage: Generally outdoor cameras are expected to cover a wider areas for maximum coverage. This can be achieved by either installing  devices with wide angles lenses or increase the number of units to better capture the area.

Resolution for capture: The most recommended resolution for any outdoor device is 1080p or higher. If the footage capture source is HD, the DVR also has to be HD compatible to maintain HD quality.


Night vision capture:  Infra red technology present in outdoor CCTV cameras allows for monitoring during pitch darkness with high image captures. These cameras are also equipped with infra-red LED’s which determine the distance of capture of the night vision.
Types of Outdoor cameras: Outdoor devices are available in dome or bullet models. Both these types of cameras made it highly difficult to tell the direction they are pointing even though they be fairly visible to intruders.

Capacity of recording: For playback of captured footage, surveillance devices require to have onboard storage capacity or a DVR system. Additionally you can also purchase cloud storage.

Compatibility with Smartphones: Most of our clients in Goa ask for this feature in their installations. Several surveillance allow for live streaming a feed that can be accessed through a smartphones which is an extremely powerful feature for remote viewing.

Wired and wireless installations: Wireless units offer dynamic placement opportunities that allow repositioning of the devices whenever need. These units do not require a power source however the battery levels need to be checked regularly. Wired cameras would require a professional to install the setup. Although rigid in re-positioning the capture quality is superior.

Capabilities to Pan/Zoom/Tilt: Outdoor devices can be maneuvered in different directions to cover wider areas with the need of repositioning the camera.

Alerts and power consumption: Today’s outdoor units are available in options to record at the detection of motion which helps in energy saving and also eliminates the need to be physically  present to monitor it. A few systems are also capable of sending across alerts with a push notification or a email.


With the above factors in mind, we have narrowed the list to the best 5 cameras available in Goa

  1. Lorex LBC7032F 700TVL 960H

This unit is equipped with night vision capabilities and is completely weatherproof. Lorex LBC7032F is a bullet camera that is sturdy and is build for all types of climatic conditions. It can record upto 185 ft in night vision range. It is also equipped with Pro-Lux IR LED’s and is vandal resistant.


  1. Hikvision DS-2CD3132

The HIkvision Hikvision DS-2CD3132  is available in multiple lens options and has a design that is compact to mount in a variety of locations. It captures footage in 1080p HD video. The device is vandal resistant and it has a 3MP, 2.8 mm lens that can capture upto 90 feet range of night vision.


  1. Amcrest 720P HD

This device is available in numerous configurations that boasts of an easy plug and play set-up. This camera is equipped to transmit footage to your smartphone and has a 2TB hard drive. The Amcrest has a  USB port for back-up if needed. The lens is a 3.6mm lens with 75 degree viewing angle.


  1. NETGEAR VueZone (VZCN2060)

This powerful CCTV camera is equipped with a built-in motion detection technology that lights-up upto a distance of 25 feet when activated. This device can be used indoors as well as outdoor and is a wireless installation. The device also sends alerts to your smartphone as well.


  1. Uniden APPCAM23

This surveillance device can be used outdoors as well as indoors and also comes with a plug and play installation that enables quick setup. There is an onboard SD slot that enables up 32 GB of footage to be captured. The device allows easy monitoring over a smartphone device and also provides email notifications. It also has a motion detection sensor to enable recording on motion. The night vision capabilities is upto 25 feet.


Top 5 reasons why we advise you to install a CCTV for your home in Goa

At the outset you may find installation of a home security system expensive but keeping in mind the thefts and burglaries being on the rise day after day it could prove to be even more expensive if you don’t install one in your home.

  1. 24*7 protection of your home and loved ones

One of the primary and biggest reasons for installing a home security system is the protection it provides to your property and family members. It has been well established that homes without a security system are more likely to be targeted by burglars than homes equipped with it. The mere presence of a surveillance acts as a deterrent to break-ins. Additionally, the security system also helps alerting whenever a intruder is trying to break-in to the property.


  1. Protection from fires

Surveillance systems also come equipped with heat detectors that provide alerts as a fire prevention technique. Although homeowners rely on smoke alarms, this additional layer of security is essential to protect your loved ones before the situation turns critical.


  1. Protection against carbon monoxide poisoning

Another additional layer of protection is from carbon monoxide emissions that is a odorless and colorless gas that could be released from stoves, burning wood, heating systems etc. Due to it un-detectable properties humans cannot sense the presence of the gas in the air. Security cameras come equipped with carbon monoxide detectors which have close resemblance to smoke detectors that will alert you any of dangerous CO levels present in the air inside your home.


  1. Complete peace of mind

The peace of mind provided by a surveillance system is invaluable knowing that you and your loved ones are protected are all times from a wide variety of threats. Being able to closely and conveniently monitor your homes from any remote location gives you the confidence that your home will be well guarded 24*7 365.


  1. Protect valuable items

Being able to monitor your valuables at all times and being able to alert authorities instantly if needed is vital to secure our possessions. Having visual proof of any possible thefts will ensure that authorities can identify the burglar.


  1. Automated system to monitor your home

A home security system eliminates the need to have any human presence necessary to monitor your homes. Thus you would not need to spend on home security guards which usually was the traditional approach. With your surveillance system being on guard 24/7 you can easily leave town whenever needed without a worry when a  security system is installed.

5 Best Wireless IP CCTV Camera Systems in 2016 Reviews available in Goa

Many homeowners in Goa have realized the benefits of  using IP enabled CCTV home surveillance systems. The capabilities of sending and receiving data over the internet or through a computer network has made home security much more versatile. In addition to wireless capabilities, these units allow minimum set-up requirements and flexibility in placements.

Before you make a purchase it is important that you first assess the needs of your home security as there are a variety of specifications and models that are used for multiple purposes. Important aspects to consider before making a purchase are; the types of conditions the device will be placed in, environments such as low light, pitch darkness, passageways or outdoors impacts the performance of the device. The second aspect is the type of footage you are looking to capture. Some environments may require a HD capture or maybe audio capture as well.


We have wrapped up some of the most popular wireless IP cameras available in Goa, here are the top 5 ip cameras for 2016

TRENDnet Wireless Surveillance Camera

This device is known for its precision in data capture. The device is packed with a 7.5 meter night vision for indoor environments enabling it to capture footage in pitch dark conditions. Along with this feature it also has a 2 way audio capture along with a 340 degree left to right swing along with a 115 degree up and down tilt  which works exceedingly well to capture footage from multiple angles

Foscam FI9821W

The resolution of this camera is at 1280 X 700 and it is among Foscam’s latest range of surveillance systems. It is known for high quality captures in high definition and night captures. In additional to this Foscam has made it convenient to access the video stream from iPhones and Andriod devices with mobile apps. It does lack it zoom capabilities as there is no much control on the extent of zoom it can perform.

DropCam HD

This camera is pack with numerous features that includes alerts, motion detection along with 2 way audio and HD capture.  Dropcam has made it quick and easy to install the security system, which is the quickest among its competitors. Its does consume large volumes of data which can go upto 60GB a month which is the only downside.


This CCTV camera by TENVIS works great for those on a budget as it is reasonably priced and superior night vision capabilities.

Looking to upgrade your cctv system to IP cameras

Many homeowners in Goa have been considering upgrading their home security as surveillance systems have drastically improved over the years due to advancements in technology. IP surveillance has definitely made it home security much more secure over the traditional analog only system.

One of the primary advantages of the IP cameras is the high megapixel resolution available in these devices which are able to capture footage at high quality. In addition to this, these units also offer advanced event management, compact storage options, remote access and viewing as well. Video management efficiency also has been improved as these devices can compress video in H.264 outputs.

These devices require an Ethernet network to function and this means heavy reliability on network transmission. Also these devices capture in HD quality and you would also have to ensure that the DVR is compatible to capture in high resolution as well and at the same time have adequate storage capacity as the higher quality would mean increased storage requirements. For a larger network, an Ethernet cable connection will not suffice due to bandwidth consumptions. On an average a 2 mega-pixel  lens would consume around 4 Mbps of data, if you have a larger or middle size network a fibre optic connection would be needed.

If you are looking to upgrade from an old analog system, an ideal solution would be to replace the old system with a 960H cctv hardware will give upto to 30% increase in resolution than the earlier D1 systems. This new hardware will work on your existing layout as well. A step-up from this is the high definition or HD solution that is equipped with HD-SDI technology. The HD-SDI technology allows an easy upgrade from analog systems to higher megapixel resolution systems. The existing coaxial cable can be used for transmitting video which eliminates re-wiring and re configuration.

How the IP camera Works

In today’s digitally connected world our computers and mobile devices can communicate anywhere a network is available.  IP cameras that connect to this network allow us to view video from virtually anywhere in the world. This is excellent home security product for homeowners in Goa who need to secure their homes and properties while they have to live in other parts of the world. The primary benefit of these cameras is that you can monitor and view footage from any remote location.

The IP camera is simply an analog device  that has a analog to digital convertor and a computer that is cased together as a single unit. An analog camera has a lens and a sensor that converts the light into electrical signals. Old analog devices used a vacuum tube with sweep circuits that moved an electric beam across the sensor. It pick up the signals stored on the surface of the sensor and this signal is amplified along with timing signals that are added  and the video signal is sent to the coax output of the device. The latest Seymour sensors provide higher resolution video than the old VGA type of devices. These sensors contain millions of elements or pixels. These devices takes advantage of the mega pixel sensors allowing us to view high footage in higher clarity.

Inside the device, there is an analog to digital converter that transforms the analog signal to a digital stream. The digital stream is made of ones’s and zero’s which is a binary code. This code defines each element of the pixel it captures which includes the intensity of each element  such as color. The microprocessor compresses the video is captures. MJPEG was the first type of compression used. Latter on MPEG4 was introduced to reduce the bandwidth and total data required for the capture. The latest H.264 compression provides the best compression but requires a lot of computer capability. The microprocessor places the coded video into packets so it can be sent across to the network. There are a number of different protocols used such as TCP/IP that uses an IP address to define each computer on the network. The protocol also assures that the message is correctly send across and handles error conditions. The device uses an RJ-45 connection instead of a coax BNC connector.

So now these devices is a part of the computer network and as a matter of fact it has its own IP address and looks like just another computer on the network. The IP camera provides a lot more capability than the old analog devices. Its higher resolutions make it suitable to capture high quality footage while providing surveillance for your homes. These units are ideal to capture depth of details that others cannot. When you need to enhance your home security we would recommend installing these units, consult us for  CCTV camera installation in Goa.

Before you consider purchasing a CCTV camera for your home read this

Being CCTV suppliers in Goa we guide our clients on the right video surveillance systems for homes and residential units. The key is to have the right installation that will do the job right which plays an important role in deterring burglaries and preventing thefts. There are plenty of facets which you should be aware of before installing a surveillancesystem in your premises.

The expectations cleared

CCTV surveillance system do have limitations and it is important you to understand them in advance. For example, it is a misconception that blurry images can be cleared or a license plate can be further zoomed into to create a clear image. The technology does exist but it does not form a part of a home surveillance system.

Wireless systems does not mean ‘zero’ wiring

Although you may want to opt for a wireless CCTV home monitoring system bear mind that wires to the power cable is a necessity.  Battery operated units are available as well, however these need to be continuous charged to avoid any lapses in capturing footage.


Bundled solutions are a gimmick

Being CCTV camera dealers in Goa we are often asked by clients on why these solutions cant be purchased from a non-specialist. Keep in mind that although you can make a purchase these do not work on proprietary technology and the quality of the surveillance is often sub-par which often leads to lapses in the system.

We don’t recommend hidden cameras

Like most other companies in the market we do not recommend installing  hidden cameras although these are available. We believe that having a visible devices deters burglaries/ thefts which is lost when a camera is hidden

What is important before you make a purchase:

Consider whether you require live footage or recorded footage.  For live viewing IP cameras are required and for recorded video a digital video recorder is needed.

While choosing a modelkeep in mind that webcams don’t double-up as a security system. Webcams are designed for close-up viewing or recording, are not equipped with motion detectors and lack the video quality needed to perform as a security device.

Security cameras are available in various specifications primary depending on the quality of image capture. The units available with us are black and white, intensifier and infrared.  These units switch to black and white capture during the night which produces a clearer image during lowing lighting captures.  Intensifiers amplify the ambient light in dark environment to enhance the image capture. Keep in mind here that if there is no ambient lighting available these devices will not be able to capture at high resolution. Infrared units work with infrared LED’s to capture footage in absolute low light environments and work well in pitch dark settings.

Camera specifications differ in accordance to  TVL resolutions which basically is the measurement of the quality of images the video camera captures.  Home surveillance systems need a TVL resolution ranging between 350 and 400 TVL. TVL resolutions are even available upto 800 TVL’s as well.

Guide to purchasing outdoor CCTV cameras

Outdoor CCTV cameras form the first and vital line of defense while protecting your homes, families or properties and are critical in a home security system set-up. The primary task of such cameras is to keep you alerted when someone approaches the areas under surveillance. This can be achieved remotely via a smartphone screen, a computer or through a digital receiver and recorder.  In addition to the cameras being able to alert when an intruder is spotted, they also can be used for monitoring an area for sounds or even provide eyes whenever needed.

Outdoor CCTV cameras are specifically designed surveillance systems to monitor a perimeter of your choice. These cameras are commonly used at entrances, driveways and walkways around the house or at commercial establishments.  Technology has made the devices highly comprehensive for automated monitoring. Outdoor cameras are very popular residential as well commercial units in Goa.

These cameras are available in wired and wireless forms and can be placed virtually anywhere. The digital video recorder which is the receiver transmits to a computer, DVR or a monitor. These cameras can be programmed to operate at specific time periods, on detection of motion and upon demand.

Manufactured in wireless and wired options these cameras are available in a wide variety of configurations. Wired cameras have a slight edge over wireless CCTV cameras in terms of picture quality better better, however, wires are difficult to hide make the surveillance oblivious to an intruder and can be venerable to outdoor weather conditions. Wireless CCTV cameras are installed without a power source as they work with batteries and are very versatile in placement.  The major advantage of these cameras is that they can be easily relocated whenever required by the homeowner.

Outdoor cameras are available in color and black and white versions. In general color security cameras are costlier than black and white models. Although expensive we recommend color cameras to our customers as identifying things like color, clothing, skin, eyes of an intruder is much easier.

Wide angle cameras are also available for outdoor CCTV cameras if you feel the need to cover a larger angle of a specific area. This ideal for high traffic locations where activity is in large numbers and frontage coverage is needed. Another type of camera is the bullet camera installed on walls or ceilings where the access point is at a single direction.  This type of camera is ideal when the point of access is the primary areas of focus such as entrances, doors etc. Dome cameras on the hand make it difficult to spot the direction at which they are focused at, making it difficult for the intruder to guess the frontage and movements of the device. Alternatively discreet cameras are also used to lower the obvious visibility of a camera, these are usually planted in outdoor accouterments as electrical boxes, light poles etc.

Specialized night vision cameras are made specifically to capture shadows, shady areas and identify/capture footage in pitch darkness with the help of infrared LED’s. As CCTV suppliers we recommend this type of cameras to all out clients in Goa.