How to make your home more eco friendly

When asked if you can make your house ecofriendly, without considering much the answer is, yes, you can. You have to take a lot of things into consideration though, and the cost of converting an already built house to an ecofriendly one is one of them. Some of the changes are easier than and not as expensive as the others. Further, a lot of these changes can be taken care of easily if you thought about them before you began the construction of the house. If you are looking at major changes to the electricals of space, ensure you consider speaking to architect or design consultant.  Changing all your lights to LEDs is relatively simple as opposed to getting a green roof or solar panels on your roof and having everything re piped to accommodate the new water heater.

Here are some relatively simple idea to help you reduce carbon foot print.

Triple glazing

Glazing is the idea where you add layers of glass a top each other instead of a roof. Most people use single or double glazing which is fine, but you would have to invest in redoing it, and it would just be smarter to think about that investment in the beginning and get a triple glazing done to begin with. Yes again, this cost more than double glazing but the returns are definitely worth it, where you would save on your energy bills and you would not have to replace it as often since you have the protection of an additional layer

Getting better ventilation and heating

Radiators are out of date in this day and age and they consume too much energy. A better and efficient way of getting your house heated is to use the underfloor heating. You would notice that this saves you a lot more money on your energy bills.

There are ways to use the heat and stale air that is leaving your house to heat the cool air that is coming into your house so again you would not end up spending money to heat air that is leaving your house.

Cover all your gaps

It is interesting that we have so many gaps throughout the house to help circulate the air but surprisingly you are paying to heat this air and after spending all that money losing it. This is an issue and you should try insulating the gaps and there are many creative ways of doing this. You can do this using a lot of creative tactics, like ferns, plants and so on.

A lot of the heat is absorbed through our walls and escapes, if you want to prevent this from happening, you should try insulating the exterior walls of you house.

Try the new in thing in lights

LED lights are the new thing in lights and can help you save so much on lighting. The lights in general cost a lot more than your ordinary lights, but they last longer and save on your electricity bill. Further, you would not need to replace your LED for about a decade, that doesn’t just save on the wastage but also on your time and energy as well.

Solar energy you say

If you are located in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, this is the thing for you. You should install solar panels to the south facing roof and this can help you save tons on water heaters and your energy bill. They have to be at an angle so would need to have a sloping roof, or would have to place them on stands.

Use contemporary materials

Depending on where you stay, you need a roof that either gives out or traps heat, tiles are made for a lot of air to pass through and this means you would lose a lot of heat through this. If you are paying for your heat, it means you are paying for something that is escaping. If you need to trap heat in, you should try something like asbestos sheets for your roof over tiles and these keep the heat in the house.

Adding a garden on your roof

Yes, this is something that is done as well, it’s a brave new world. You can explore your creative side in designing this space to bring it to life, a cozy little space to call your own.Instead of adding tiles to your roof, you can add something that works a little better, creating a roof of plants. Depending on your budget, you can go for something that you would barely need to inspect, or something that would last. You can do this by creating a sloping roof, and adding plants on it.  .This would prevent any heat from escaping from the roof, and it looks just lovely. You would have to inspect it though, to make sure it isn’t leaking, otherwise you would have all that water in your house. This also prevents water running down when it rains and would work well for you and maintain your garden without much effort from your end.

Lighting your kitchen for the best results

In recent years we have started spending longer stretches of time in the kitchen, and this being said, having the right type of lighting in there is crucial. You need a lot of light in your cooking area, especially where you would be cutting and mixing ingredients, just to make sure everything is done properly. Read the rest of the article to find a list of all you could do to make the lighting in the most important room of your house fun and lasting.

For those few people who will be setting up their own lights, you have to remember that the color of the light written on the box and the actual color of the light are not always similar. Always remember to check all your lights at the store before you purchase anything to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

Don’t get too fancy with it.

Sometimes all you need to do is slow down and take everything one step at a time. Remember that the toughest solutions are usually the easiest. Try to stick to the basics and you might find that you actually have just what your kitchen needs. You can use lights that aren’t too bright for the roof creating a natural affect so you don’t feel like you are using artificial light and actually feel like that’s natural light entering all around. Further, you could add spotlights to all the platforms to make everything neat and bright whenever you have to use them.

At the end of the day, if you can moderate the light color temperature to be around 3000 to 4000 k you would be able to get your kitchen to be as warm as natural light, which is the main purpose after all.

Try something new

You would now find kitchens with low level brightness that gives the kitchen an interesting look, with all the lights from right below the platforms and islands. These lights are usually warmer than the lights all over and would create an interesting warm glow that would automatically draw your attention to the floor and lead your gaze to follow the light.

Sightlines are lines that you create with your light that leads your eyes to keep following them across the room. You can have these on the floor, or you can have these along the sides of the walls right below the roof. It is ideal to have these on the top if you have a high roof, this would make prominent the height of the roof, and also look good over having everyone look down when you have a ceiling that can accommodate the tallest man.

Mix everything

If you like, you can have fun with colors and turn your kitchen into the most colorful room in the house. That’s not all, you can even add some colorful, creative stuff on your walls so that everyone feels like running to your kitchen? The smartest way to get this done would be to use LEDs lights of one color, out of this world of color, and get them all over your kitchen so you get a new color effect.

Mark your territory with a different color

With large kitchens, you are allowed to encompass your dining room into your kitchen as well. When this is the case, you can add your table and chairs and eat in the same giant kitchen. You can now separate both these areas by using different colored lights, you can totally keep away from using partitions. Make sure though that the colors match and work well with each other.

Think in advance

If you have the time and patience to think about this in advance, you can even have your lights match the general furniture of the kitchen, match the cabinets, and match everything else. If you are thinking about this in advance, you have a lot of options and can re consider a lot of things before you begin on this project.

Use your imagination

If you find large areas of your roof that are just vacant, and look empty and shabby, you can just add a few hanging lights, you can even have pillars that give you light if there are large empty boring spaces on the floor. You can be as creative as you want and keep adding different imaginative items all over the kitchen making it a lot more fun.

I think that about covers the entire kitchen. If you follow these steps, you would be able to have everything relating to your kitchen sorted.