How to maintain privacy with window decorations

No matter the beautiful view you have or the worst, the amazing neighbors, or the not so great ones, the walls of the next house or their amazing view, giant glass windows give us that weird feeling that we are constantly being watched. As luck would have it, we have a ton of solutions for you right here.

Swedish blinds and other accessories

If you feel that you have a view you aren’t going to look through very often, you can use Swedish blinds. The blinds themselves are pretty good looking so you won’t want to part your blinds anyway. You have to maintain a thin compromise between light and the amount you want to see outside. Pick an opaque fabric that isn’t too see through, but should completely block out the sunlight if you add two layers of it together. You can find two variations of the blinds, ones that remain where they are, and the other ones that fold and can be rolled up whenever required.

Use your imagination

You can make these yourself, where you can create and use any colors and your imagination, as long as it goes with the rest of the room. You would have to measure and attach a piece of wood to the top of the window. Next, you can take a bit of blind fabric and hem the edges so you don’t have any strings hanging. Create a pocket on one side so you can push it through your makeshift palmate. And stitch it in place.

One way blind

Sometimes you may have an amazing view out your window but one that leaves you exposed, you could see the view of a park, which means that they can see you too, in such a case you would need a one way blind. You have to remember that you would be completely visible at night through these blinds because the light inside your room would create shadows on the outside, which would mean everyone would be able to see you there.

Blinds without a lining

A new style that has been turning heads through living rooms all over the place. Roman blinds keep everything guarded from passer-bys, while making sure your room does not look too heavy.

Sometimes drapes do the trick

If you have curtains, the thin ones that are usually made out of muslin or similar materials, you could use these. You would need to connect a pelmet above the window frame, connect your drapes to it, and you are sorted.

If horizontal blinds don’t do the trick, go for vertical

Ideal if you have windows or panes that open from the outside, you don’t have a choice but to go with vertical ones as horizontal blinds would get in the way and mess everything up. You would find that these blinds can be greatly adjusted, to accommodate your window perfectly. Further, they would provide you with the privacy you need and reduce the reflection on your screens on the inside of your room.

Creating your own shutters

Wooden shutters can provide a great extent of privacy, while adjusting them to the right angle would also let the right amount of light enter your room. You have to pay attention to how long you intend to keep your house open, and how much of your window you would want to cover. These blinds are ideal for covering the bottom half of the window.

Work on the window instead

If you think blinds are getting to you, with their hundred and one options, and their different styles and so on, you can get your window worked on using, panes that aren’t see through. You can now get a huge line up of different types of panes, and companies even provide custom designs, if you know what you are looking for. You would find that a lot of these films for your window are moisture resistant, so you can save a few bucks if you use this for your bathrooms as well.

There you have it, a few affordable solutions to block out different areas of your house from prying eyes. You can try something a little classy as well, but you would have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

Interesting ways of adding hidden or concealed lights throughout your house

Hiding lights in such a way so you notice how bright it is but you cannot see where the light is coming from is a new and interesting tool that everyone is using. Now a days, you can even use hidden lights as your primary source of lighting for your room or you could have a visible bright light and use this as your secondary source of lighting. However, whatever be your style, you have to consider this during the initial stages of designing your place, and you have to account for where you want them and how you want to hide them. Some designers have a knack for doing this so well that you would not notice the difference between natural and artificial lighting in your house.

Use natural light as often as possible

If you have a little of this coming in, you should try to emphasis it and make it seem like a lot. Sometimes adding the right shade of bulbs depending on your interior decorations, you would be able to do this very well. Try to do this by hiding the lights under the couch or the corners of the room. You could even do this by creating a crevice below the ceiling.

Color temperatures, choose wisely

You have to make sure that the colors you choose match with everything else in the room. Further, you have to pay attention to whether you are using warm or cold lights, this would depend on the general weather of the place you stay at, or a personal preference. You have to account for this before you begin designing and building, especially if you want to add these lights under your kitchen sink or something similar.

Taller rooms

If you want your room to look higher than it already is, you would have to hide the lights in a crevice right under the roof. You can do this very well, if you accounted for this initially, you can have that little grove there for the light. It would immediately give you room of about another foot. It creates the illusion that the room is higher than it actually is.

Focus on one thing

You can use concealed lights to get everyone’s attention to one specific item in your room. If you hide these under a table to cause the table to glow, you could focus everyone’s attention to the item placed on top of the table. You can do the same for frames and other items all around your living room

Make your masterpiece

You can use a lot of lights and a mix of plaster of Paris to create your own art in your house. You can do this by hiding the light in the plaster or above it. You can even do this and turn on the lights to cause the roof to glow. You can do this on your walls or staircases as well.


If you have a balcony or a driveway, you can hide these lights behind the bench on the balcony, so it glows whenever you want to sit out and ponder about something. You can do the same for your drive way and have specific trees in your yard glow to lead you all the way home. You have to make sure that the light are fitted properly, otherwise you would have issues with this later, and considering that everything is concealed, figuring what the issues is would be a task in itself.

Frames and anything vertical or horizontal

If you have frames, you can add lights to them to cause them to produce a glow. You have to remember that this glow is to focus your attention to the image and not to the frame. It should basically not be too bright and should be the right level of dim as well. You can do this if you have a mounted rack as well.

Top and bottom

You don’t have to have lights on the top only, you can have them on the bottom as well. And you can do both, if you are into something interestingly fancy. You can do this for mirrors, above and below your basin or sink, at your dresser or again at your photo frames.

How to create the perfect gallery wall

Do you have one of those walls in your sitting room that looks just bland and boring? I used to and here are a few tips to follow to set it up to make it attractive and eye catching. You have to remember that you don’t need a lot of money to get this done up, you can just frame a few things you have lying around. Photographs, personal pieces, paintings or anything that looks appealing. This doesn’t have to be done in your living room itself, you can even do this on the wall along your staircase, or in your bedroom or any room you want to liven up.

If you have not done this before you might find this very difficult, and a painfully boring process, but once you get the hang of this, you would find it a lot of fun.

Pick you style

It is very important that you know what you are doing. You have to decide on a specific style that you like and something that speaks about you. Once you have found this, you can use this to work wonders for the work you have done.

You can add your framed work in little squares or together, or in a straight line, or the way you like, but remember to make sure everything is symmetrical and properly aligned. You shouldn’t add crooked images. If your room has a lot of texture and different colors on the wall, you should also add framed works that have a lot of color to them otherwise they might clash.

Personal always works

This being your room or apartment where you are hanging your stuff, you should add your personal works. These could be works that you have done personally and added to the lot or something that has touched you. It could be something that was gifted to you by someone special or a memory from a past life.

If you can’t figure out what to do, you can always go for the classics and add old movie posters, old pictures of you as a baby, or you can also add old magazine covers.

Bigger first

If you have frames of different sizes, you should start by adding the bigger ones on the top and start heading down with the smaller ones. You should do this so that there is some consistency on the wall, if you added everything randomly, they would just look like a giant mess.

It is important to not just start hammering holes in the wall, it would be smarter to add tape first. The way this works is, you cut pieces of newspaper that are proportionate to the items you wanted to hang on the wall. Next you stick them up with the tap the way you would have done the framed works. After you are done with this, you can move them around to make sure they match what you had in mind.

Frames are important as well

You have to remember to choose the right frames for your works, if you are adding them all in one room, account for the color of the painting and the wall when you are getting this done. Try to stick to the same style of frame for one room.

If you want to save a few bucks, you can always go with older or reclaimed frames and don’t have to frame everything professionally. These have a charm of their own when they have the worn out look as well.

You can even focus only on the frames

If done right, frames have an amazing look of their own. Sometimes the images in the frame might not be the greatest but the frames provide the art themselves. If you are interested in creating something like this, you can figure out a style to add to your wall, preferably with the frames connecting to each other.

Shelves, something you didn’t think of

If you aren’t interested in hanging everything on your wall, you have another option, you can frame everything and add shelves in your living room and have everything neatly added to a shelf. You can do this from framed works or even for your books.

Perfect symmetry

If you like structure and you do not want to be creative about this, you can get the exact same size of frame for all your paintings or photographs, but you have to remember that they would all have to be the same size and add them to one wall, neatly and in order.