The smartest ways to use lighting in your house

There is a saying about hiding a candle or leaving it to be seen by everyone, so ideally no one usually hides lights when they are setting them up in their homes. However, using hidden light can work wonders when you want to get everyone’s attention to specific points in any room. You can use hidden light to illuminate certain areas of your house as well. If you haven’t done this yet and are considering hiding your lights, here are a few suggestions.


If you have a wall mounted headboard, you can add your lights behind it. That would create an amazing effect and can be used as reading lights as well. Further, you can make this look better by adding a headboard that is larger than the width of the bed.


It would be amazing to have your staircase light up under every step, something you don’t see very often. You can use this to create an interesting illusion and lead the way by adding lights under ever step to light the one below. This would look exceptionally amazing if the rest of the house didn’t have any light.


I am not referring to the top of the ceiling though, I am talking about the edge where the walls of the room almost touch the ceiling. Many rooms have a crevice between the actual roof and this area and it is an amazing place to hide lights to give the roof that glowing effect.

Bathroom wall

Some bathrooms have a wallwith all the piping, taps and shower heads, this wall doesn’t reach the ceiling, but is large enough to reach higher than you. You could find a creative way to add lights to this and see the amazing effect it creates in your bathroom

Islands in the kitchen

You can use lights at the bottom to light the base of your platforms and separate platforms in your cooking area. If you are adding lights to the bottom, you should remember to have these lead somewhere, like a continuous path. You can also use the lights right below the ceiling, to light up the area.


You could have lights behind pillars in your driveway and they could lead all the way up to your house. You can find creative ways of doing this as well, like lighting specific trees in your yard to lead the way to your house. You could even have the way from your garage to your house lit up by lights in the floor.


You can find a creative way of adding lights right below the porcelain under the basin, if these are bright enough, you can use this to light everything up. This light can be used if you are using the mirror to shave, or for all the other reasons you could use a mirror, while washing your hands.


You can have lights on the walkway between the furniture in your living room, like under the couch and in the other crevices below the television set or finally even under the cupboard.

Reasons why you should work from home

Everyone would love to work from home but most of our bosses would complain if we do, we barely get anything done. This is actually true with the number of comforts we have in our houses, and the number of things we have to do around the home, we would not get work done, and would be running around with our household chores. If you could have your own office at home, you would find this easier to do, but you would have to have it free of distractions and so on.

Here are some innovative changes that have been made to home workspaces that would enable you to get a lot more done.


If you are a creative person or just one of those people who doesn’t like clutter, you would prefer a work space that has a lot of room. You have to keep to the basics and nothing more, and remember to arrange everything in such a way so you have a lot of room and empty room to walk around when you want to come up with a new idea.

Some view of the garden

For many people, me especially, looking at the outdoors helps you get better inspired. If you have a garden, you could even have your work room facing your garden, you can have a glass wall to give you a constant view of the greenery. If you can have a balcony added, you can even work from there to be close to the outdoor.

You can have an outhouse

Sometimes working in the same environment where you live may be hard so building a small room or outhouse just as an office might work well for you. Many people complain that working in the same area as their home is unproductive so this is their alternative.

Above and beyond

If you like, you can even convert the loft to your special room so you can be away from all the happenings of your house. Many productive freelancers have their lofts changed and turned into office spaces and these are very convenient for everyone, since sometime your work might actually be getting in the way of your family instead of being the other way around.


You have to have strict rules about your work space for your family and likewise for yourself. If they are rules that means you cannot break them either. To avoid distractions and ants or roaches some people say, no food in the office, and they would go to their kitchen. You might yell at your kids for doing this, but that means you should do the same and not eat there. It is very easy to keep working when your office is in your house, you should also stress on working hours. After which you have to spend time with your family.

Shady won’t work well for you

It is very productive to have an office that is well lit, many people like the dark and shady office and they feel that the darkness gives them better focus at their screens. In theory, a study conducted stated that people are more productive when they use brighter lit rooms. Here too the line should be drawn, if your lights are too bright you might end up hurting your eyes.

Add notes to your wall

Many people like to think out loud, if you are one of these people, you could have white boards on your walls, or black ones. Another creative idea is sticking thick sheets of paper on your walls and whenever you have an idea, you write it on the way. After you are done with that project, you can take all those pieces of paper down and do this over for the next project.

Don’t forget to take a break

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and so you should remember to take a break whenever you need a new perspective and then get back to work. Just because you are working from home, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself, you are allowed breaks as long as you are getting your work done and not slacking more than working.

Getting the right builder when developing your project

You have to do your research before you begin your project to make sure that you have the right builder as it would be very difficult to shift to a different developer after the project has begun. The right developer would help you get your project done while following all the norms and requirements that he has to to make it realistic, while also following your vision and creating a good product in the end. Further, you have to make sure that he knows about the market he is working in, considering the area you stay in might change the price that you would pay and he would be charging you.

Here’s our process to find the right guy

Visit their office

The only reason you would visit an office, is to get some credibility about the builder and the company he might be working for. You have to make sure that the company is doing well as a company and not some guys working out of a garage. If you find that their company has their own car and logos all over their locality, you know for a fact that they are doing pretty well.

Ask them about the previous projects

Taking a look at their previous work can give you a lot of insight about them. You can have a look at everything they have done. You can even go to those places and have a word with the people using them now.

Be specific about your wants

You should make sure that everything you want is taken into account and written down. You cannot argue for something you mentioned but wasn’t recorded.

Make sure you have timelines

You should ask your builder to give you a timeline of which features will be ready by which specific days. After you get this information, you have to make sure that the builder sticks to the timelines. If they don’t, you would know that your project is going to get delayed and you would have to tell the builder and make sure the builder makes up for the lost time, or you make peace with the fact that the deadline has been delayed.

Check out the competition

Don’t settle for the first builder you come across, you should do your research and check out the rest of the competition. You should get a quote from all the builders who have good recommendations and settle for the best deal.

Find out what else they can do for you

Sometimes there are a few permissions that have to be handled before completing a project. Otherwise you might get stuck with a lot of paperwork. You should find out if the builder or their company does the running around to get this done. There are some teams that handle this for you. If you can get someone else to do this running around, you better settle for them. The process is just so tedious and if you have to do this yourself, you would either have to have a lot of spare time, or take a lot of sick days.

Finally take the plunge

After you are done with all this research, you have to settle for someone, consider the pros and cons and finally go ahead and hire a builder. When settling for one, remember to take into account how far away from you they are located, you would not want a team that has to spend ages to travel to your location to start working every morning.

Picture this

Remember to get a lot of pictures of the entire project from the beginning to the end. You can use this to make memories later or to Instagram. You can also use this as a record when you are explaining this to a different developer if you have to get some more work done many years later.

That’s it, enjoy

Now that you have everything done, you can go ahead and enjoy this new project that you have sorted out. Remember that you should enjoy the building experience, as well and to not only focus on the end product. You are not going to get an opportunity to live these memories later.

Tips to re arrange your bedroom making it seem larger

A bedroom is not just a room, to some people their bedroom and kitchen make their entire house. I practically live in my bedroom and I didn’t know that my house extended beyond it, for a long time. I have everything I need in my bedroom but with all the room this takes up, the only thing lacking is space. Here are a few tricks that will create the illusion that you have a spacious room, when you are actually in the same room you have always been in.

Get a larger headboard

If you have a wall mounted headboard, you can extend it and make it larger than the bed. This creates the illusion that you have a smaller bed and there is more space around it. This would work better if the headboard and the wall that it is mounted on are of two contrasting colors.

Lighten everything up

It has always been said that using light colors makes everything lighter. If you use lighter colors as opposed to black, or darker shades, you would find that they work wonders for you. The room would immediately look spacious and brighter. If you can, try adding white on white and turn your room into what I imagine heaven would look like.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you can add a giant mirror to one of your walls, it would automatically change the way your room is perceived. Further, it would make your room feel larger as it would reflect the space you have there, basically mirrors make rooms look twice as large.

Adding mirrors to your wardrobe doors

If you have a wardrobe in your bedroom, you would be doing yourself a favor by adding mirrors to the doors, I mean who doesn’t need mirrors there. Other than that, causing everything to reflect all the time does the same thing previously mentioned and makes your room seem larger. If you can get floor to ceiling wardrobe mirrors, they would work best.

Build a floor to ceiling wardrobe

Building a floor to ceiling wardrobe in a tiny bedroom seems like a silly idea but it actually works wonders, since the length of the wardrobe, being large matches the length of the room. When there is a large open space in the center, it automatically gives the bedroom the illusion of space. Having furniture standing all alone all over the place actually makes rooms look smaller.

A bed that folds away

This is something that you don’t hear much of, but seems like common sense, a bed folding away in your closet. If you have a bed that actually does this, you would save a ton of space when you aren’t sleeping by just tucking away your bed. The only downside being that you can’t do much in this space for more than a day, since your bed would be back the same night.

Natural light to the rescue

A small and loaded bedroom can feel quite claustrophobic, but sometimes a little natural light coming in through a window or the balcony can save the day and create an amazing effect that could automatically create all the space you would need.

Be creative when it comes to storage

You don’t have to add a chest of drawers to your room, you don’t have to go all out with a giant cupboard and something you think you would need. You can work with what you have and get a bed that would have a lower half of drawers, or you can get a bed table that has its own drawers in it.

Design and brighten things up

You can add a lot of wall art that would make your room look larger. You should do this by accounting for the furniture and the other stuff so they add to the art as well.

Mixing various colors and textures

If you do this right, you can add contrasting colors or colors blending well with each other to give your room an amazing look in itself. As long as you have picked the right colors of fabrics for the bed, curtains and the table cloths, you should be fine.