Do you have enough space for a kitchen island

We all want beautiful things and to add to this list of unending items, you can now add, kitchen islands. They look amazing and everyone interested in doing up their kitchen is asking about them or wants to make changes to their kitchen to accommodate one of them. Islands have been making things convenient ever since we started dumping people who are a menace to society on them, in your kitchen too, if they are well places, they can make work a lot more convenient. More people would be allowed to move around in a kitchen without coming in the way of the other.

The same goes if the situation had been turned upside down. If the island in your kitchen has not been planned properly, it might be a hassle as it would keep getting in the way, hindering work. Sometimes they could have been perfect in the area they have been placed in, but the kitchen is too small to accommodate them causing a giant inconvenience.

Here are a few tips to help you figure out whether you have enough room for an island in your cooking area or not.

There is no standard size

You would not find a standard size of island for your kitchen. You have to realize that islands change in style, size and design, depending on the kitchen, and how large it is. You can always settle for a smaller island or a slight change in the design. Companies would be happy to change the type of island to suit your needs.

Clearance and sufficient space

When you are communicating with the people who will be modifying your cooking or dining area or the company providing the material for your island, you have to make sure your measurements are accurate. You have to consider how many people would be staying in that house, how many people usually move around the kitchen and so on. If you are looking at blueprints, you have to verify that they haven’t added any new additions to the already existing blueprints, sometimes they might not show on paper. You have to account for the gaps that have to be big enough for someone to walk through and not just enough for people to squeeze through.


Making sure people in a kitchen are safe is an impossible task since we already know, the kitchen is the most accident prone room in the house. You have to make sure no one gets stuck in a corner when the island has been set up. Account for all the cabinets and make sure that everything opens safely. You have to make sure that you create a proper view all around as well, the last thing you would want is for someone tripping on something lying open in a corner on the floor.

Making an island from scratch

You can ask your designer if they are capable of making the island from scratch. This would be an interesting task and would be able to match the designs of the rest of your kitchen. You can come up with something innovative to accommodate all your needs. This is usually done when you have a kitchen that is too large or small for the standard size chart.

Smaller islands

You can have an island that is small enough to fit in your kitchen but serves the purposes of having an island, with all the cabinets and can be used as a table top for cooking or mixing. You could have a tiny counter in the kitchen, with its own drawers, cabinets you can store your stuff in.

Add an island that does more than it should

Islands are specifically designed for storing items in their cabinet and creating an additional table top in the kitchen, other than the style they provide. You don’t have to stick to the standard though, and can easily use your island to create new alternatives, like reshaping the top to be your dining table. Everyone can eat around it.

Everything should be symmetrical

You should always account for everything being in the right proportions since that usually makes everything look better. You can have a table exactly in the center of your kitchen making sure that it divides everything properly so and have that as a new island and a dining room, remember that this should be done only with the larger kitchens.

Peninsulas also work

If you can get an island, you can always create an island that touches a counter or wall on one side, of course it would no longer be called an island. Kitchen peninsulas are the next best thing and they are catching up. They help you divide your cookery in separate sections.

Tips to re arrange your bedroom making it seem larger

A bedroom is not just a room, to some people their bedroom and kitchen make their entire house. I practically live in my bedroom and I didn’t know that my house extended beyond it, for a long time. I have everything I need in my bedroom but with all the room this takes up, the only thing lacking is space. Here are a few tricks that will create the illusion that you have a spacious room, when you are actually in the same room you have always been in.

Get a larger headboard

If you have a wall mounted headboard, you can extend it and make it larger than the bed. This creates the illusion that you have a smaller bed and there is more space around it. This would work better if the headboard and the wall that it is mounted on are of two contrasting colors.

Lighten everything up

It has always been said that using light colors makes everything lighter. If you use lighter colors as opposed to black, or darker shades, you would find that they work wonders for you. The room would immediately look spacious and brighter. If you can, try adding white on white and turn your room into what I imagine heaven would look like.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you can add a giant mirror to one of your walls, it would automatically change the way your room is perceived. Further, it would make your room feel larger as it would reflect the space you have there, basically mirrors make rooms look twice as large.

Adding mirrors to your wardrobe doors

If you have a wardrobe in your bedroom, you would be doing yourself a favor by adding mirrors to the doors, I mean who doesn’t need mirrors there. Other than that, causing everything to reflect all the time does the same thing previously mentioned and makes your room seem larger. If you can get floor to ceiling wardrobe mirrors, they would work best.

Build a floor to ceiling wardrobe

Building a floor to ceiling wardrobe in a tiny bedroom seems like a silly idea but it actually works wonders, since the length of the wardrobe, being large matches the length of the room. When there is a large open space in the center, it automatically gives the bedroom the illusion of space. Having furniture standing all alone all over the place actually makes rooms look smaller.

A bed that folds away

This is something that you don’t hear much of, but seems like common sense, a bed folding away in your closet. If you have a bed that actually does this, you would save a ton of space when you aren’t sleeping by just tucking away your bed. The only downside being that you can’t do much in this space for more than a day, since your bed would be back the same night.

Natural light to the rescue

A small and loaded bedroom can feel quite claustrophobic, but sometimes a little natural light coming in through a window or the balcony can save the day and create an amazing effect that could automatically create all the space you would need.

Be creative when it comes to storage

You don’t have to add a chest of drawers to your room, you don’t have to go all out with a giant cupboard and something you think you would need. You can work with what you have and get a bed that would have a lower half of drawers, or you can get a bed table that has its own drawers in it.

Design and brighten things up

You can add a lot of wall art that would make your room look larger. You should do this by accounting for the furniture and the other stuff so they add to the art as well.

Mixing various colors and textures

If you do this right, you can add contrasting colors or colors blending well with each other to give your room an amazing look in itself. As long as you have picked the right colors of fabrics for the bed, curtains and the table cloths, you should be fine.